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Mobile Communications

This page is way out of date, interesting only to see how few of the links below are still active. Time marches on...


The Internet offers a number of highly technical news groups and web sites on mobile communications:

News Groups

  • Comp.dcom.cell-relay is a forum for the discussion of cellular phone technologies.
  • Alt.cellular-phone- tech is more oriented to the cellular phone hobbyist.
  • Alt.dcom.telecom is an unmoderated newsgroup covering telecommunications.
  • Comp.std.wireless is devoted to issues regarding mobile communications standards. Interested is seeing how the slugfest among CDMA, TDMA and GSM is going? This is an invaluable forum for those companies that have not yet decided which of the seven standards they are going to use for their upcoming PCS systems.
  • Comp.dcom.telecom is a moderated digest of telecommunications news.
  • Comp.dcom.telecom.te ch carries technical discussions of telecommunications.
  • gement covers telecommunications network management issues.

Web Sites

  • Mobilis Oriented to the kind of person who uses Skytel to read email while commuting to work.
  • Telecommunications information resources This site contains links to other web sites covering all telecommunications topics including mobile communications.
  • Qualcomm Qualcomm is a leading provider of satellite tracking and communications services for the trucking industry. It also created the CDMA (code division multipleaccess) standard for digital cellular and PCS mobile communications. Today in the US CDMA is the leading standard adopted by PCS companies.
  • Metricom On-line Services Metricom offers some of the most advanced of mobile communications data services.
  • The Virtual Institute of Information The is a site run by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. It is a searchable database of news stories on telecommunications, mass media, and cyberspace.

Communications privacy

Privacy is a major issue in mobile communications. It is so easy for people to eavesdrop on mobile communications -- including cordless phones -- that until recently snoopers could buy off-the-shelf scanners in the US for eavesdropping. Today they can nevertheless buy books or find Web sites that tell them how to build scanners and tell them what frequencies to tune into for the juiciest conversations. An example of a publisher that caters to these snoopers is Index Publishing Group, Inc.

And then there is the wireless Ethernet standard, IEEE 802.11. The protocol itself is badly flawed. Set up a wireless network and you can expect intruders to do whatever they want to you. Read about this problem -- and how to exploit it -- at

However, there is a cornucopia of ways to achieve communications privacy.  See what the hacker world can tell you..

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