Cubalaya cockerel

Cubalaya pullet

King Midas

For the first time in ten years, I succeeded in breeding a perfect Cubalya rooster: pure gold hackles, no white anywhere, pea comb, all other colors perfect as well, great posture, and multiple spurs. Extra spurs were permitted in the old American Pountry Association Standard of Perfection, and I like them, so there. I named him King Midas because I hope he will throw many male offspring with the same perfect gold hackles. His bloodlines come from stock provided to me by William Bender, AKA Shamoman, who, alas, no longer breeds them. In this picture, King Midas is only eight months old. Next year, Lord willing, we will find out how his first adult tail turns out. Normally the adult tail is far more abundant. I say Lord willing because I let all our breeding stock free range across our pastures as I want to ensure our stock is vigorous. That includes rooster duties of defending the hens from hawk attacks. King Midas comes from a long line of roosters who are good at beating up hawks.Yet they are gentle with people and evn other roosters. I once saw three roosrters attacking a Redtail Hawk at once, poor Redtail:) To ensure parentage, I lock up a rooster and a hen or two together for a few weeks. Then I let them go back to freedom.

Cinnamon Lady

She is the second Cubalaya hen I managed to breed with absolutely no black in her hackles. Great posture. Her color isn't perfect, but as I understand it, her only defect is the lighter color in the feather shafts on her back.




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